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Julian Salazar

DPhil Student

Julian holds graduate degrees in international relations and development studies. He has worked as a public servant at the federal and state level in Mexico. He has also taught Public Policy at the University of the State of Mexico. He is currently working on the political determinants of resource allocation at the sub-national level. His interest includes decentralisation and service delivery, the politics of policymaking in developing countries, local governments, democratisation and legislative affairs.

Languages: Spanish (native), English (fluent)


Journal Article

Decentralisation, Politics and Service Delivery in Mexico

IDS Bulletin 38.1

For a number of scholars, decentralisation – ‘defined as the meaningful authority devolved to local units of governance that are accessible and accountable to the local citizenry’ (Blair 2000: 21) – provides space for people to participate in local development, ensure a more efficient...

10 August 2018

Journal Article

Decentralising Service Delivery?


Does the devolution of responsibility for service provision to elected local authorities improve the delivery of services to the poor? This is the major challenge of democratic decentralisation and a key benchmark for assessment. Many governments devolve power and resources to local bodies which...

1 January 2007