Justin Flynn

Justin Flynn

Research Officer & Postgraduate Researcher

Justin Flynn is a Research Officer and Doctoral Researcher in the Rural Futures cluster interested in youth employment, with a focus on young people living in rural areas; he also has interests in food security, sustainable food systems, and agricultural policy. He has ongoing and previous experience conducting research on policy responses to youth unemployment, including in rural areas and entrepreneurship.

He has also conducted a mixed-methods study on youth savings groups in four African countries (Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia). Justin is currently undertaking a PhD looking at the pathways to sustainable and meaningful employment for rural young people in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Youth employment and politics

Over 40 percent of global populations are under 25 yet young people cannot secure work and increasingly face a crisis of citizenship. Youth Employment and Politics at IDS builds on decades of research to develop knowledge and evidence that contributes to effective interventions that supports,...



Young Africans need more and better jobs, not more training

When the world rebuilds after the Covid-19 crisis, Africa will have a unique challenge to face: bringing its overwhelmingly young workforce into decent, productive, and secure jobs. Africa has the world’s youngest population, a fact that some hope will mean fewer deaths and serious cases,...

Philip Mader
Philip Mader & 4 others

10 September 2020



Africa’s ‘Youth Employment’ Crisis is Actually a ‘Missing Jobs’ Crisis

Brooke Shearer Series 9

Opportunities for employment, or the lack of them, have long been a central interest of African governments, young people, and their families. Youth employment is also currently the subject of considerable policy, research, and practitioner interest (e.g., CTA et al., 2014; Filmer and Fox, 2014;...

Louise Fox & 4 others

11 September 2020

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Rural Futures

Through our research, policy engagement, teaching and training, we support the emergence of development pathways that deliver both greater social justice and sustainability for rural people and places, while recognising their important interconnections with urban areas and the links between...