Kerry Preibisch

Visiting Fellow

Kerry Preibisch is a feminist sociologist with research interests in gender, migration, and rural livelihoods; temporary migration programs, migrant rights, and development; im/migration and social change; and ethical food production.

Kerry has undertaken research in 20 different countries, mostly in the Americas, and is recognized internationally as an expert on temporary migration programs in North America. As a community-engaged scholar, Dr. Preibisch works closely with migrants and their allies.



Migrant Workers and Changing Work-place Regimes in Contemporary Agricultural Production in Canada


This article focuses on Canada to contribute to our knowledge of contemporary labour–capital relations in high-income country agriculture and the role of migrants within the global food system. In particular, I investigate recent modifications to the country’s temporary migration programs...

25 September 2011


Temporary Migration, Chronic Effects: the Health of International Migrant Workers in Canada


In this article, we document recent trends in labour migration and begin to address these questions. We focus on migrant workers entering low-paid, low-status occupations, who account for most of Canada's foreign workforce.

18 April 2011


The Other Side of el Otro Lado: Mexican Migrant Women and Labor Flexibility in Canadian Agriculture

Throughout the global South women are fast becoming the predominately waged labour force in commercial agriculture. The incorporation of workers from the global South into commercial agriculture within high-income countries has has a decidedly masculine bias.

1 December 2010


Pick-Your-Own Labor: Migrant Workers and Flexibility in Canadian Agriculture


Migrant workers are a growing component of the labor markets in high income countries. Today, some 90 million people – representing approximately three percent of the global workforce – cross national borders to find work.

7 June 2010