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Laura Bolton

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Violence in Schools

K4D Helpdesk Report

This rapid literature review sets out to identify evidence on approaches to measuring the prevalence of violence in schools across low and middle income countries and the data available based on these measurement approaches.

3 May 2017


Effectiveness of Tax Reform Interventions

K4D Helpdesk Report 053

The academic and practitioner literature on tax reform, and comments from several experts contacted in connection with this report, emphasise that improving the performance of tax systems is highly complex and context-specific, without simple or direct answers.

13 March 2017


Sport and Development

K4D Helpdesk Report 038

Some individual studies noted factors for success and what did not work well. However, there was not enough evidence to get a synthesis on barriers and enablers to sport for development in general. Often programmes in the literature were described but rarely evaluated. Where they were...

6 February 2017

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