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Laura Bolton

Research Officer

Laura is a Research Officer in the Health and Nutrition Cluster at IDS. Her current role is to support decision making for UK Government Department for International Development (DFID) advisers. This involves gathering and analysing evidence to produce reviews on nutrition, health and education.

Laura brings expertise from Economics and Statistics qualifications to the work she does. She has contributed quantitative analysis to research for IDS fellows: constructing a vulnerability index for countries post-financial crisis, and producing aid concentration curves to analyse aid allocation.

Working days are Monday, Tuesday and Friday.



K4D Prosperity Fund COVID-19 Evidence and Learning Initiative

This Evidence and Learning Initiative was a cooperation with the Prosperity Fund (PF). It helped to ensure that in the current context of COVID-19, changes to the existing PF portfolio (and investments in new ones) are informed by and contribute to the evidence base on how the pandemic is...



Synthesis of Work by the Covid Collective

Overview: This report looked across Covid Collective outputs and grouped findings into three sections. Section 2) Pandemic response; Section 3) Increased marginalisation; and Section 4) Emergent outcomes. Section 4 describes outcomes, both positive and negative, which evolved and were more...

17 May 2022


Violence in Schools

K4D Helpdesk Report

This rapid literature review sets out to identify evidence on approaches to measuring the prevalence of violence in schools across low and middle income countries and the data available based on these measurement approaches.

3 May 2017

Laura Bolton’s recent work