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Leah Plati

Programme Officer (MA) Programme Manager (Short Courses)



Ebola: Lessons for development

IDS researchers argue that there is an urgent need to look beyond the immediate, on-the-ground concerns of disease control and containment to consider the bigger and broader questions about international development.

Leah Plati’s recent work

Past Event

Social Protection: policies, programmes and evidence

This course enables participants to expand their knowledge base of approaches to social protection, develop an understanding of the challenges in designing and implementing social protection programmes, and critically assess current evidence of what works in social protection.

From 25 June 2018 until 28 June 2018

Past Event

Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation for Learning

Professional short course that equips development planners and practitioners with the knowledge and skills to more effectively design and improve M&E systems and move towards a participatory learning practice within projects, programmes and their organisations.

From 4 June 2018 until 8 June 2018