Linda Waldman

Linda Waldman

Director of Teaching and Learning

The primary focus of Linda Waldman’s work has been on diverse dimensions of poverty, and the related issues of gender, racial classification, ethnicity and identity.

She obtained her Ph.D. in social anthropology at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, where her research focused on indigenous identity and nationalism amongst the Griqua of South Africa.

She has also worked on farm workers, gender, environmental policy processes, health and social housing and aid architecture with research experience in Africa, India and the UK. As a member of the STEPS Centre, her research has focused on the comparative study of asbestos-related diseases and on peri-urban sustainability.

Linda is Director of Teaching and Learning at IDS and co-convenes the IDS PhD Progamme with Deepta Chopra.

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Sexuality, Poverty and Law Programme

Understanding the links between sexuality, gender plurality and poverty and producing practical options for activists and policymakers for strengthening legal protection of LGBTIQ people and sexuality rights.



The formality of informality

This blog post from the ARISE Hub - a research consortium of which IDS is a partner - provides reflections on some common misconceptions of informal settlements. Examples from ARISE research show that, contrary to common belief, processes that happen in these settlements are seldom haphazard,...

Linda Waldman
Linda Waldman & 5 others

31 August 2022


Nurturing future leaders for development in precarious times

Celebrating the acquisition of knowledge for development Doing a postgraduate degree in development studies is seldom easy. In addition to raising the funds, and finding the time, many of our students have been working for years and are no longer used to the rigours of academic reading and...

11 July 2022


The most important questions in choosing postgraduate studies

The past two years have seen Covid-19 reshape how we live and work, but also how we learn. While the level of interest in postgraduate studies remains high, the pandemic has changed how prospective students, including those in development studies, decide where to study. The latest Future Masters...

17 January 2022


Journal Article

‘The Phone is My Boss and My Helper’ – A Gender Analysis of an mHealth Intervention with Health Extension Workers in Southern Ethiopia

Journal of Public Health;Vol. 40, Supplement 2, pp. ii16–ii31

Mobile health (mHealth) provides health services and information via mobile technologies, including mobile phones. There is considerable optimism in mHealth’s potential to overcome health systems’ deficiencies to ensure access to safe, effective and affordable health services. This has led...

7 February 2019

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University of Sussex online Postgraduate Open Day

Interested in studying with IDS? Come and meet us at the University of Sussex's online Postgraduate Open Day on Saturday 12 November. Book your place online Saturday 12 November 10:30 - 14:30 You will get the opportunity to: Attend live subject sessions with the academics who teach...

12 November 2022

Past Event

Transforming Bangladesh’s health workforce for sustainable health impact

A virtual national symposium to share learnings from the three-year Trans4m-PH Project (Transformative Competency-Based Public Health Education for Professional Employability in Bangladesh’s Health Sector). This event will discuss the systemic challenges to the local Public Health Curricula...

13 January 2022