Marie Uwase

Marie Uwase

Short Course Coordinator


Marie Uwase’s recent work


Shaping Policy with Evidence: What’s new for April 2023?

There’s only one week left to go until applications close for our Shaping Policy with Evidence specialist course – and only a few spaces left! So here’s a final reminder of the impressive April 2023 guest speakers, course content and new organisational package. What is Shaping Policy with...

20 March 2023

Specialist short course

Rethinking Accountability Strategies for a Changing World

This course will help you gain an understanding of how to improve the design, legitimacy and appeal of your citizen-led accountability claiming work in international development.

From 18 September 2023 until 22 September 2023

Specialist short course

Making Trade Policy Inclusive (online)

This course provides a comprehensive package to advance understanding of inclusion in international trade and trade policy – covering poverty, gender, human rights, sustainability and power asymmetries.