Michele Nori

Michele Nori

Research Fellow, European University Institute



Migrant pastoralists: a success story from Sardinia

Pastoralism represents a primary source of livelihood in Sardinia. Traditional pastoral practices which made effective use of local territories have smartly integrated into international policy frames and global market networks. The Pecorino Romano is today one of the most...

26 June 2023


Pastoral schools and uncertainty in southern Europe

A forthcoming EUI working paper by Alessandro Dessi explains the findings from a study on pastoral schools in southern Europe, asking how they are responding to the issue of uncertainty. Schools to train new pastoralists are booming in southern Europe. The aim of these initiatives is often...

28 April 2023



Fifty Years of Research on Pastoralism and Development

IDS Bulletin 51.1A

This archive IDS Bulletin reflects on 50 years of research on pastoralism at IDS. Much has changed, but there are also important continuities. The ‘end of pastoralism’ was proclaimed widely in the 1970s, yet, as a successful, resilient livelihood adapted to some of the harshest...

Ian Scoones
Ian Scoones & 9 others

27 May 2020