Naomi Marks

Naomi Marks

Project Communications Manager

Naomi Marks is a communications professional. For the past eight years she has managed impact-focused communications for a number of interdisciplinary One Health research projects.

Her responsibilities embrace the full range of communications functions, including strategy development, stakeholder engagement, media relations, digital communications and editorial work.

She also works as an independent communications consultant specialising in international development communications. She worked as a journalist for more than 20 years and still occasionally undertakes the odd bit of journalism.



The GCRF One Health Poultry Hub

The UKRI GCRF One Health Poultry Hub is an impact-driven research project working to help meet Asia’s growing demand for chicken meat and eggs without risk to local and global public health. IDS is one of 27 partners in nine countries working as part of this interdisciplinary Hub, which is led...


Myanmar Pig Partnership

The Myanmar Pig Partnership is focusing on the risks of zoonotic disease emergence associated with the rapid growth and intensification of livestock production in Myanmar in recent years.


Livestock, Livelihoods and Health

Livestock, Livelihoods and Health is an interdisciplinary research programme exploring diseases that can be transmitted from wild or domesticated animals to people (known as zoonoses).



Nurturing effective science-to-policy pathways for public health

There can be few better illustrations of the need for good science-to-policy pathways than the current pandemic. While many are casting Covid-19 as the warning the world needed to wake up to the threat of animal-to human (zoonotic) disease spillover, researchers had been striking the warning...

23 April 2021



Zoonoses – From Panic to Planning

Over two thirds of all human infectious diseases have their origins in animals. The rate at which these zoonotic diseases have appeared in people has increased over the past 40 years, with at least 43 newly identified outbreaks since 2004.

Melissa Leach
Melissa Leach & 3 others

25 January 2013

Naomi Marks’s recent work

Past Event

Shifting power in pandemics

A public webinar on connecting and supporting preparedness 'from below', featuring expert speakers, videos from the field and debate. Through a Wellcome Trust-funded collaborative award, the Pandemic Preparedness Project has been researching preparedness ‘from below’ since 2019. It...

16 November 2022


World Zoonoses Day 2020

Monday 6th July 2020 marks World Zoonoses Day 2020.  This year, the 150 partners in the One Health Poultry Hub will observe a two-minute silence of private reflection on those who are known, and those who remain unknown, who are suffering from endemic and emergent zoonotic diseases. These...

3 July 2020


Celebrating One Health Day 2017

The second international One Health Day is marked on Friday 3 November – drawing attention to the interconnectedness of human, animal and environmental health. See our resources on this theme.

2 November 2017