Image of Naysan Adlparvar

Naysan Adlparvar

DPhil Student

Naysan has worked in a number of roles in Afghanistan with local and international NGOs, the United Nations and the Government of Afghanistan. This includes designing, managing, and evaluating implementation and research programmes. He has also worked as a researcher investigating the gendered impacts of microfinance programmes in Kabul, and the British aid model in Afghanistan. Most recently he has worked on poverty reduction issues with the United Nations Development Programme in Jordan and Iraq.

Naysan holds an MSc (Hons) in Applied Development Studies from the University of Reading and a BSc in Applied Psychology from the University of Durham. He started his career with long-term voluntary placements in northern India and South Africa.

PhD Topic

The changing pattern of social organisation in the Central Highlands of Afghanistan.

The Bamyan Valley – in the Central Highlands of Afghanistan – is home to a complex array of social groups. The valley has experienced numerous periods of conflict that have shaped identities and group boundaries. In recent years, following the cessation of conflict, Bamyan has experienced a period of rapid social change.

Naysan’s doctoral research investigates the changing pattern of identity and relations between ethno-sectarian groups in Bamyan and assesses how these relations were formed from 1890s to the present day. It explains how and why this pattern of social organisation is changing in present day Bamyan, particularly in terms of marriage patterns, forms of religious and sectarian expression, and inequalities in access to education, control of local government, and ownership of land and the local market place.