Niranjan J. Nampoothiri

Niranjan J. Nampoothiri

Research Officer

Niranjan J. Nampoothiri is a Research Officer at the Power and Popular Politics cluster. He works across a portfolio that explores themes of collective action, transparency and accountability, citizen-state relations and political socialization. He is also a course facilitator for the Rethinking Accountability Strategies for a Changing World short course.

Niranjan works on the FCDO-funded ‘Action for Accountability and Empowerment’ (A4EA) programme and ESRC-funded ‘Learning on the Street’ project at IDS. A4EA programme studies how social and political action in fragile and conflict settings affect accountability and empowerment. The ‘Learning on the Street’ project studies youth political socialization in the informal markets of Zimbabwe. His research interests include understanding citizen-state relations and particularly how collective action can succeed in demanding change from the state and private sector.

Before joining IDS, Niranjan worked on rights-based advocacy for health and education in India.



Addressing Young People’s Engagement in Violent Activities

This project aims to generate practical insights on how WFP programming and practices could be adapted in ways that contribute to reducing young people’s involvement in violent activities. Focussing on contexts in Honduras and Mozambique affected by gang related violence and armed insurgency,...


Urbanisation in Africa and China

As African countries experience rapid urbanisation, there is a need to ensure that this process is well managed, and underpinned by strong public policy and social governance, to support economic development and social welfare. China has much to share from its experience of rapid...


Navigating Civic Space in a Time of Covid-19

The Navigating Civic Space in a Time of Covid project examined patterns of changing civic space and civic action in Mozambique, Nigeria and Pakistan during the first nine months of the Covid-19 pandemic. How did the pandemic affect already shrinking civic space, particularly for activists and...



Durdiner (hard times) Diaries: Updates from the ground

In our Durdiner Diaries project (in Bangla, Hard times diaries), we have been tracking ‘new poor’ households in Bangladesh, studying their experiences of life before, during and after Covid. These are households that were not poor before Covid, but the impact of the pandemic made them...

17 August 2023


Durdin-er Diaries: chronicles of hard times in Bangladesh

Which governance channels do people whose livelihoods and incomes were severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic navigate while attempting to bounce back? Through a joint IDS and BIGD research project we aim to answer this question by exploring the trajectories of recovery, coping strategies,...

27 January 2023



Navigating Civic Space in a Time of Covid: Synthesis Report

Since long before the Covid-19 pandemic emerged in 2020, civic space has been changing all over the globe, generally becoming more restricted and hazardous. The pandemic brought the suspension of many fundamental freedoms in the name of the public good, providing cover for a deepening...

Colin Anderson
Colin Anderson & 10 others

18 May 2021

Niranjan J. Nampoothiri’s recent work


Power and Popular Politics

In a world that is increasingly affected by a rise in authoritarianism and populist politics, our research supports the actors who are promoting progressive social change, helping them generate the learning, insights and evidence they need for effective action. We are particularly focused on...