Image of Nkoyo Toyo

Nkoyo Toyo

Focal Person for Cross River State, National Social Investment Program of Nigeria

Nkoyo Toyo is a Nigerian civil rights activist and governance adviser.  In 1991, she founded Gender and Development Action (GADA) in Nigeria. With the return of civil governance to Nigeria in 1999, she became more involved with politics and government. During that time and now, she worked intensively to build negotiations between agitators in the troubled Niger Delta Region of Nigeria and the central government.

Nkoyo’s interest in politics resulted in her appointment in 2008 as Nigeria’s Ambassador to Ethiopia and Djibouti as well as the country’s Permanent Representative to the African Union and the Economic Commission for Africa.

In 2011, she was elected into the Nigerian parliament, as a member of the National House of Representatives. In parliament, she championed the issues of social development and social investment.

Nkoyo has held several international positions including being a Member of the Civil Society Advisory Committee of the Commonwealth Foundation and the Chair of the Board of Directors of Montreal International Forum. In March 2018 along with some former ministers for Women Affairs, she initiated action aimed at rekindling the beleaguered Nigeria’s Women’s Movement.

She is an alumnus of IDS, and sat on the Alumni Advisory Committee before joining the Board of Trustees in April 2018.