Image of Priliantina Bebasari

Priliantina Bebasari

IDS Alum

Prili is an IDS alum from Indonesia. She studied MA Gender and Development 2015/2016. Her dissertation discussed about the effectiveness and challenges of men’s engagement movement in Indonesia to challenge patriarchy, using Laki-Laki Peduli (MenCare+) as a case study.

She holds Bachelor of Social Science degree from Department of International Relations, Universitas Indonesia. She spent 1 year and 9 month serving at Indonesia’s President Delivery Unit for Development Monitoring and Oversight (UKP4) managing the first national social media for citizens-state engagement LAPOR!

She currently works at MAMPU (the Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment), an international development aid project hosted by Ministry of National Development Planning of Indonesia, funded by Australian Department Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Priliantina Bebasari’s recent work