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Rachel Dixon

Partnerships and Fundraising Officer

Rachel Dixon is the Partnerships and Fundraising Officer at IDS, based in the Fundraising and Development Office (FDO).

Rachel coordinates the Global Partnerships Function within the FDO. This includes coordinating our IDS International Initiatives in Brazil, China, Ghana, Pakistan, and Europe. The Global Partnerships Function also supports the development and implementation of memoranda of understanding, other strategic partnerships, teaching and professional development and learning collaborations, and implementing our Values in Practice for Partnering.



European Engagement Initiative

The European Engagement Initiative provides research focus on the universal development challenges that have a global dimension within a region undergoing geopolitical change. It recognises that now the UK is out of the European Union it is even more important for IDS to engage with partners,...


IDS China Centre

The IDS China Centre, part of the IDS International Initiatives, provides research focus on a country transforming global geopolitics due to its strategic importance, role in the global south and its commitment to development. It recognises that tackling universal challenges such as climate...


Brazil IDS Initiative

The Brazil IDS Initiative provides focus in a geography at the leading edge of development thinking and practice due to accelerating environmental, economic, political and social change. It recognises that tackling challenges such as climate change, poverty and injustice...


Pakistan Hub

The Pakistan Hub provides focus in a country at the leading edge of development thinking and practice and is centered on a long-term partnership between IDS and the highly regarded Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). It recognises that...



Mutual learning: development fad or foundation?

Is ‘mutual learning’ simply a development trend, or an important foundation for development cooperation and global governance? Who benefits from mutual learning? And what role should organisations like IDS play in mutual learning for development? What do we mean by mutual learning? The...

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Alex Shankland & 3 others

19 March 2021


A UK outside of Europe presents a risk to development  

2020 was defined by disruption caused by Covid-19 and its global impacts as well as the departure of the UK from the European Union. Following the decision to leave in 2016 there followed many thousands of hours of negotiation between governments which ended at the very last minute with a...

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Rachel Dixon & 4 others

6 January 2021


How can Brazil sustain its food solidarity economy post-Covid?

The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated vulnerabilities and inequalities worldwide. An estimated 246 million children are missing out on the school meals they rely on and 49 million people are expected to fall into poverty globally during the course of this year. While the crisis has exposed the...

Image of Rachel Dixon
Rachel Dixon & 4 others

11 December 2020

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