Rina Badran Lizarazo

Rina Badran Lizarazo

Project Support Officer

Rina Badran Lizarazo is a project support officer and works with researchers, knowledge and communications specialists across the institute.

Rina is responsible for providing project support in both the Business, Markets and the State and the Cities Clusters, as well as supporting the coordination and development of funding proposals. Rina also has a keen interest in the role of business in development, as well as in rural development. She has experience working in the public and private sector, and NGOs in Colombia. She holds a project management qualification and completed her MA in Globalisation, Business and Development  at the Institute of Development Studies in 2022.



The Justice Footprint of Mineral Imports in UK Value Chains

The climate crises and energy transition underpin the new European Open Strategic Autonomy Policy, aiming at 'de-risking' trade and reduce dependence on critical minerals, in line with the UK’s Critical Mineral Strategy. Mining is the first link of most global value chains (e.g. electronic...

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Cities have a distinctive role in development processes: they are focal points for economic growth, jobs and innovation but also for poverty, inequality, vulnerability and conflict. Although we can learn from historical processes of urbanisation, there are many new development elements...