Rosa Lewis-Anthony

Rosa Lewis-Anthony

Senior Project Support Officer

Rosa Lewis-Anthony is a senior project support officer and works with researchers, knowledge and communications specialists across the institute.

Rosa is responsible for providing project support in both the Cities and the Business, Markets and the State Clusters, as well as supporting the coordination and development of funding proposals. Rosa also has a keen interest in migration issues, and completed her MA in Migration and Global Development at the University of Sussex in 2020.



Impact of Debt on Sustainable Reintegration Outcomes

Debt and migration can be linked in a host of ways. Debt or indebtedness itself may serve as a motivator for a person to migrate, migrants may use loans to finance cross-border travel, and remittances are often sent to repay household debt. A body of research already surrounds indebtedness,...


Big Data for Development Studies (BIDDS): An Innovative Methodology

This project seeks to make a foundational methodological contribution to the analysis of big data for development studies. Big data has revolutionised the natural sciences (and commerce), however its use within development studies has been comparatively limited. This is despite a clear...


Foresight for new collaborative platforms to support LMIC science systems

To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) it has become clear that we require systemic change across societies, and that as a consequence we need transformational pathways of development. This in turn requires knowledge that is transformative, both in terms of its focus, and how it...

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Cities have a distinctive role in development processes: they are focal points for economic growth, jobs and innovation but also for poverty, inequality, vulnerability and conflict. Although we can learn from historical processes of urbanisation, there are many new development elements...