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Samantha Reddin

Communications Manager for Transform Nutrition



Transform Nutrition West Africa

Transform Nutrition West Africa is a  regional  platform  to  enable  effective  policy  and  programmatic  action  on  nutrition. The  problem Despite  limited  progress  to  date,  we  now  see  a  growing  political  commitment  to  address  the  high  rates ...


Stories of Change in Nutrition

Stories of Change in Nutrition are a series of structured case studies in 6 countries: Bangladesh, Nepal, Odisha (India), Ethiopia, Senegal and Zambia. These ‘stories’ aim to improve our understanding of what drives impact in reducing undernutrition, and how enabling environments and...



Stories of change in nutrition

This week sees the launch of the book Nourishing Millions: Stories of Change in Nutrition which brings together stories of improving nutrition from the past five decades by Transform Nutrition. Sam Reddin, Research Uptake Manager tells us more.

30 June 2016

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