Samreen Mushtaq

Post Doctoral Researcher

Samreen Mushtaq is a Post Doctoral Researcher at the Institute of Development Studies. Her research builds on her lived experiences as a Muslim Kashmiri woman and her ethnographic work in Kashmir at the intersections of gender, nationalism, violence, and militarism.

Samreen’s work maps the sites of gender-based violence in the context of militarisation in Kashmir, in its bodily, spatial and psychological manifestations, amid the State’s continuous fixing of ‘gender’ and ‘woman’ as stable points of entry for intervention. Her recent work focuses especially on the gendered contours of counter-insurgency in terms of its incursion into homes and women’s subversion of, and resistance to, such control. Currently, at IDS, she is working on SuPWR, a five-year ESRC-funded research project that investigates women’s struggles in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Pakistan and how they retain power and sustain gains in the face of backlash from varied sources.

Prior to joining IDS, Samreen worked as a Post Doctoral Fellow at the Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality, Ashoka University, India, where she taught a course on Gender and Armed Conflict and led the project Mapping Sexuality in India, a one-stop resource directory in the field of gender and sexuality studies in India. She received her PhD in Political Science from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, in 2019.




India elections: The gendered and sexual politics of national development

At an election rally in Rajasthan on 22 April 2024, India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, called for people not to vote for the chief opposition party, known as the Congress, claiming that they would distribute the nation’s wealth amongst “infiltrators'' - the ones “who have too many...

2 May 2024


International Women’s Day: Palestine and weaponising gender and sexuality

There is no turning away from the harrowing images and videos coming out of Palestine each day. In one such video, not explicitly ‘brutal’ like the rest of them, an Israeli soldier shows a pair of high heels belonging to a Palestinian woman. He records himself saying how pretty they are, and...

5 March 2024