Image of Shasha Wang

Shasha Wang

Alumni Ambassador for China

I have been working for the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences as one of key members of a research group for nine years. I researched education challenges, social inclusion and social development in poor rural mountain regions, and my main areas of interest are education and poverty alleviation, bilingual education in ethnic minority community, livelihoods and agricultural sustainable development, environmental education and eco-village.

In 2004-2009, I worked for dynamic programmes in WWF China, such as illegal wildlife trade analysis, corporation social responsibility, water and sustainable timber trade. My latest experience was to work in the Village People Project Ltd. and build environment friendly public bathhouse in rural Shaanxi and Gansu for improving hygiene condition especially for women and children.

I also work for the Rock Environment and Energy Institute to research environment, health and development as a visiting research fellow.

Meanwhile, I am building up a team focusing on my further action research that explores role of participatory pluralistic education in rural or migrant community sustainable development.

Studied at IDS: MA Poverty and development, 2010-2011