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Shilpi Srivastava

Research Fellow

Shilpi Srivastava is a Research Fellow with the Resource Politics Cluster. She is trained as a political scientist and she completed her PhD in Development Studies (Sussex) in 2015. Her doctoral research focused on the politics and practice of water regulation reform in India.

In her research, she uses the lens of water to understand issues of power and patterns of authority to explore spaces of justice, rights and accountability. Besides research on water policy and environmental politics, she is also increasingly interested in cross cutting research in the areas of health and nutrition, especially related to intersectoral policy processes.

Shilpi’s current research focuses on issues of climate change, state and water politics, and intersectoral policy processes.

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Journal Article

Uncertainty in Climate Science: Extreme Weather Events in India

Economic and Political Weekly 53.31

In May 2018, multiple extreme weather events claimed scores of lives, damaged property and brought public life to a standstill in parts of India. In the aftermath of these events, a blame game ensued with some assigning responsibility to scientific and state agencies, and others calling for more...

4 August 2018