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Shilpi Srivastava

Research Fellow

Shilpi Srivastava is a Research Fellow with the Resource Politics Cluster. She is trained as a political scientist and she completed her PhD in Development Studies (Sussex) in 2015. Her doctoral research focused on the politics and practice of water regulation reform in India.

In her research, she uses the lens of water to understand issues of power and patterns of authority to explore spaces of justice, rights and accountability. Besides research on water policy and environmental politics, she is also increasingly interested in cross cutting research in the areas of health and nutrition, especially related to intersectoral policy processes.

Shilpi’s current research focuses on issues of climate change, state and water politics, and intersectoral policy processes.

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Market-Based Mangrove Afforestation and Reforestation in Kenya and India

This study aims to understand and compare processes and relationships associated with the ‘marketization of nature’ – how nature-based commodities and markets for trading them are brought into being – in the context of mangrove afforestation, reforestation and restoration projects in...



Seeing clearly: solving Asia’s air pollution crisis

Globally, exposure to air pollution is now the single largest environmental risk to public health, with outdoor and indoor air pollution estimated to be responsible for at least 7 million deaths per year. Despite being a global problem – with the World Health Organisation (WHO)...

9 April 2019


Journal Article

Unpacking Uncertainty and Climate Change From ‘Above’ and ‘Below’

Regional Environmental Change;6

Uncertainty is a key factor shaping climate and environmental policy at international, national and sub-national levels. It is usually defined as a situation characterised by indeterminacies and refers to what we cannot know for certain in terms of outcomes, effects or impacts of a particular...

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13 July 2019

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