Simbarashe Gukurume

Simbarashe Gukurume

Sol Plaatje University

Simbarashe Gukurume is a Social Scientist with training in, and working at the intersections of Sociology and Social Anthropology. Simbarashe is a senior lecturer at Sol Plaatje University, Kimberly, South Africa. Prior to joining Sol Plaatje University, Simbarashe was a lecturer and faculty research chairperson at Great Zimbabwe University. Simbarashe holds a PhD from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. His Masters in Sociology and Social Anthropology as well as BSc in Sociology were obtained from the University of Zimbabwe.

Simbarashe’s research interests focuses more broadly on sociology of youth, informality and informal economies, livelihoods, displacements, ethnography of money, politics and social movements and Pentecostalism. Simbarashe has been a recipient of several research and fellowship awards such as the Harry Frank Guggenheim Young African Scholars award, New York, the Matasa Network fellowship award, IDS, University of Sussex, Emerging Young African Scholars Fellowship.

Following involvement in the Matasa Fellows Network, Simbarashe has been involved with two further research projects at IDS: ‘Vending on the streets. Youth and vending in Zimbabwe‘ and ‘Youth employment and political representation in Africa, case studies in Uganda, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Mozambique‘; contributed to a relating book chapter; and is working on another project with another of the Matasa Fellows, Tarila Ebiede.



Learning on the Streets. Youth and vending in urban Zimbabwe

IDS Research fellow Marjoke Oosterom has won an ESRC New Investigators grant to do research on youth and political socialization in the informal economy. Research partners are Tinotenda Chishiri (RAU), Dr. Rekopantswe Mate (University of Zimbabwe) and Simbarashe Gukurume (Great Zimbabwe...


Matasa Fellows Network

An exciting initiative to support young African scholars engage their research with policy on youth employment in Africa.




Youth Employment and the Private Sector in Africa

IDS Bulletin 49.5

Globally, governments, development agencies, and inter-governmental institutions have invested heavily in skills-building interventions seeking to enhance the employability of youths. However, policy actors are becoming more aware of the shortcomings of skills-building interventions, and...

Seife Ayele
Seife Ayele & 5 others

28 November 2018

Working Paper

Energy Protests in Fragile Settings: The Unruly Politics of Provisions in Egypt, Myanmar, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Zimbabwe, 2007–2017

IDS Working Paper;513

How do popular protests about the basics of everyday life, specifically about energy, come about in settings where political authority is fragmented and conflict and repression common? How do state and political actors respond to protests which disrupt social and economic life, and undermine...

Naomi Hossain
Naomi Hossain & 6 others

1 June 2018