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Poverty and Social Exclusion in North and South


This issue of the Bulletin forms one of the first attempts to ask how relevant is the new writing on social exclusion that has been largely in and about the North, to the large body of work on poverty and poverty reduction in the South.

1 January 1998

Working Paper

Poverty and Social Exclusion in North and South

IDS working papers 55

The debate on 'social exclusion' has mostly taken place in developed countries, but closely mirrors the debate on 'poverty' in developing countries: both stress the problem of multiple deprivation, the psycho-social factors, and the importance of agency and participation in the widest sense.

1 January 1997

Working Paper

Does European Aid Work? An Ethiopian Case Study

IDS working papers;46

The future of European aid is being hotly debated. This paper presents the results of a major evaluation of EU aid to Ethiopia over the period from 1976 to 1994. It concludes that the effectiveness of aid has varied. Some, perhaps most, 'worked', but some did not - for reasons partly internal to...

1 January 1996

Journal Article

Linking Relief and Development


The basic idea of linking relief and development is simple and sensible. But what is involved in practice and what are the barriers preventing it? This IDS Bulletin presents a collection of articles on the issues involved, a number of case studies, and perspectives from several leading...

3 October 1994