Spencer Henson

Spencer Henson

Professorial Fellow

Spencer Henson is an applied economist whose interests are centred on the economics and political economy of agri-food standards. He has undertaken research across 40 countries and worked with a wide range of standards and development institutions and organisations.

He is recognised as an expert internationally on agri-food standards and developing countries, as well as on the economics of regulation and standards in the area of food and agriculture more generally.



Business and Development Centre

The Business and Development Centre (BDC) brings together thinking from business, economics, political science and development studies to tackle critical questions on the role of business in development, focusing initially on agriculture, food and nutrition, the green economy and public health.


Assessing the Impacts of Enhancing Access to Nutritious Foods

The objective of the research is to develop capacity and an analytical approach for the analysis of value chains-based initiatives aimed at enhancing access and consumption of nutritious foods by the poor and to use this learning to develop research proposals on leveraging value chains for...


Journal Article

Business-Based Strategies for Improved Nutrition: The Case of Grameen Danone Foods

IDS Bulletin 49.1

There is increasing interest in the role that businesses can play in promoting the consumption of nutrient-dense foods as part of strategies to reduce the prevalence of micronutrient deficiencies in developing countries. To date, however, there has been little in-depth analysis of the extent to...

Jessica Agnew

30 January 2018

Journal Article

Reimagining Development in the UK? Findings from the UK Public Opinion Monitor

IDS Bulletin Vol. 42 Nos. 5

The UK Public Opinion Monitor (UKPOM) provides a unique opportunity to explore changes in attitudes of the UK public over time. This article presents findings from the UKPOM on how people in the UK have experienced the financial crisis and how, if at all, this has caused them to think...

Johanna Lindstrom

8 January 2016


Assessing the Effectiveness of Agri-Food Value Chain Interventions Aimed at Enhancing Consumption of Nutritious Food by the Poor: Conceptual Framework

LANSA Working Paper Series 4

South Asia has experienced rapid economic growth, yet it still has the highest rate of child malnutrition in the world, and half the population is undernourished. This paper lays out a conceptual framework to guide the analysis of value chain-based interventions aimed at enhancing the intake of...

31 December 2015

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