Xiulan Zhang

Xiulan Zhang

Senior International Associate



Rising Powers in International Development Programme

The Rising Powers in International Development programme is developing an evidence-base around the role of rising powers (including the BRICS countries) in development and will be producing practical policy guidance on effective approaches for engaging with them.


Journal Article

Social Protection during Disasters: Evidence from the Wenchuan Earthquake

IDS Bulletin Vol. 41 Nos. 4

Using evidence from the Wenchuan earthquake (12 May 2008) in China, this article examines the impact of disaster on the functioning of China's social protection system. The article examines the social protection system and the recipients of social protection. It presents four main findings: (1)...

Xiulan Zhang
Xiulan Zhang & 4 others

11 January 2016

Journal Article

Introduction: China and International Development: Challenges and Opportunities

IDS Bulletin Vol. 45 Nos. 4

In parallel to its domestic economic boom, China has also been growing as an international actor and as a ‘Rising Power’ in global development. This introduction outlines the need for further understanding of China's own development experience, its increasing involvement in development...

Jing Gu
Jing Gu & 3 others

4 January 2016