Image of Yi-Chin Wu

Yi-Chin Wu

Postgraduate Researcher

Yi-Chin Wu is undertaking a PhD at the Institute of Development Studies.

She is currently a postgraduate researcher at IDS looking at the theory and politics of knowledge in indigenous movement and the everyday life of indigenous people in the Ifugao province of the Philippines. She is interested in understanding the dynamics of knowledge and the encountering of modernity and traditional knowledge in the life of the indigenous people. Hoping to contribute to both indigenous struggle and theoretical understanding of knowledge, she applies a critically engaged activist research in my study.

Prior to my PhD, her research focuses mainly on the themes of social-ecological systems, natural resource management and participatory development. She is an interdisciplinary researcher trained in both natural and social science. She has a Masters in Forestry at National Taiwan University, and in Development Studies at IDS. Aside from academic experiences, she has a long term engagement and practical experiences in indigenous movements, grassroot organizations and civil society in Taiwan and the Philippines. Moreover, she was also a development practitioner in intragovernmental organization working in agricultural sector.

The research title is:

β€˜β€˜The Encountering of Traditional Knowledge and Modernity: Theory and Politics of Knowledge in the Ifugao Province of the Philippines.’’

Alex Shankland and Patta Scott-Villiers are the PhD supervisors.