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Amy Hall - Editorial Coordinator

Amy does a range of editorial work at IDS, across a variety of themes. This is mostly producing and editing content for the Institute’s digital services, including Eldis and Interactions.

She writes news and feature articles, blog posts, and produces multimedia content. She also manages several social media channels and helps to guide online editorial strategy.

A qualified journalist, Amy has contributed to a range of print and online publications, largely focused on politics, development, social change, gender and the environment.

She was previously News Editor at the Transition Free Press newspaper and has worked at New Internationalist magazine and on Christian Aid’s former youth brand Ctrl.Alt.Shift.

This BRIDGE Cutting Edge Programme on Gender and Food Security makes the case for a new, gender-aware understanding of food security, arguing that partial, apolitical and gender-blind diagnoses of the problem of food and nutrition insecurity is leading to insufficient policy responses and the failure to realise the right to food for all people.

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Interactions is an IDS-hosted interactive online resource on Empowering Women and Girls, featuring real-time research and analysis. The website features up-to-the minute research findings and policy analysis on gender-based violence, urban health and unpaid care work from IDS and partners

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