Photo of Rebecca Carter

Becky Carter - GSDRC Research Officer

(on maternity leave 3/05/2016 - 2/02/2017)


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Becky joined IDS in 2012. She works for the GSDRC on governance, social development, humanitarian response and conflict issues, providing support to DFID, DFAT and EC advisors.

Previously, she worked on aid evaluations and reviews, and as an aid effectiveness officer for the World Bank Cambodia office. Her work has included looking at aid management (including modalities, transparency and predictability, and donor coordination) and aid impact (including through a complexity lens). Her recent work has focused on inclusive institutions, aid evaluation capacity and theory, and policies and approaches to aid in fragile and conflict situations. She has a MA in Area Studies from the Institute of Latin American Studies. Her dissertation was on local participatory political reform in Peru.

A five-year DFID-funded Evidence and Knowledge for Development (K4D) programme consortium led by IDS.

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