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Naomi Marks - Project Communications Manager

Health and Nutrition

Working days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The Myanmar Pig Partnership is focusing on the risks of zoonotic disease emergence associated with the rapid growth and intensification of livestock production in Myanmar in recent years.

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A STEPS-led consortium of researchers aiming to advance understanding of the connections between disease and environment in Africa, focusing on animal-to-human disease transmission..

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Zoonoses - From Panic to Planning

IDS Rapid Response Briefing 2 (2013)

Over two thirds of all human infectious diseases have their origins in animals. The rate at which these zoonotic diseases have appeared in people has increased over the past 40 years, with at least 43 newly identified outbreaks since 2004. More details

Thematic Expertise:
Ebola; Zoonoses.

Related Programmes and Centres:
Policy Anticipation Response and Evaluation.