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Neil McCulloch - Honorary Associate

Dr. Neil McCulloch is a development economist with expertise in political economy analysis and the design and implementation of politically smart aid programmes. 

He was the Project Director of the Facility for Oil Sector Transparency (FOSTER) in Nigeria – a project that aims to “think and work politically” to achieve fundamental reform in the oil sector.  He has also done extensive work on the political economy of fuel subsidies, both in Indonesia and Nigeria, and the political economy of aid for power sector reform in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. 

Previously, Dr. McCulloch was the Director of the Economic Policy Program at Oxford Policy Management and, before that, the Lead Economist of the Australian Aid program in Indonesia. He has also led the Globalisation Research Team in the Institute of Development Studies in the UK and was a Senior Economist for the World Bank in Indonesia. 

This project examines a key assumption which underlies one of the main approaches to poverty reduction currently advocated and practised by many international development agencies.

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The current financial crisis has stirred up an old debate about whether it might make sense to impose a Tobin Tax, either on foreign exchange transactions or on all financial transactions.

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IDS has already conducted a qualitative analysis of the social impact of the crisis in five countries. This research project aims to use the results from a new round of qualitative research to inform detailed quantitative analysis of existing nationally representative quantitative surveys in two countries.

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This project used a global trade model to gauge the impact of a slowdown in economic activity in the OECD on trade performance, world prices and aggregate welfare in the rest of the world.

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IDS publications on international development research

The Impact of Governance and Transparency on Firm Investment in Vietnam

Economics of Transition 23.4 (2015)

The authors match a panel of Vietnamese enterprises from 2006 to 2010 with a unique panel dataset measuring sub-national economic governance to estimate a relationship between local governance and private investment. More details

Does Better Provincial Governance Boost Private Investment in Vietnam?

IDS Working Paper 414 (2013)

A large literature asserts a causal relationship between the quality of economic governance and economic performance. However, attempts to establish such a link at an aggregate level have met with considerable methodological criticism. More details

This is the image for IDS Research Report 76, 'Who Drives Economic Reform in Vietnam’s Provinces?'.

Who Drives Economic Reform in Vietnam’s Provinces?

IDS Research Report 76 (2012)

Vietnam keeps surprising the world with the speed and depth of its economic transformation. This research report suggests that the decentralisation of certain economic powers from central to provincial government has contributed to this success. More details

This is the image of Does Better Local Governance Improve District Growth Performance in Indonesia.

Does Better Local Governance Improve District Growth Performance in Indonesia

IDS Working Paper 369 (2011)

A large literature suggests that countries with better governance have higher growth rates. We explore whether this is also true at the sub-national level in Indonesia. More details

IDS Research Report

The Tobin Tax: A Review of the Evidence

IDS Research Report 68 (2011)

The debate about the Tobin tax, and other financial transaction taxes (FTTs), gives rise to strong views both for and against. Unfortunately, little of the popular debate refers to the now considerable body of evidence about the impact of such taxes. More details

Thematic Expertise:
Economic Growth; Financial Crisis; Trade and Growth; Poverty; Work and Labour.

Geographic Expertise:
China; Indonesia; Pakistan; Viet Nam; Zambia.