Petra Bongartz - Research Officer

Participation, Inclusion and Social Change
T: +44 (0)1273 915668

Petra has worked in International Development for 14 years, first on HIV/AIDS and since 2006 on Community-led Total Sanitation. Together with Robert Chambers she created the CLTS Knowledge Hub at IDS in 2009. Petra is Research Officer for Strategy, Communications and Networking for the Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) Knowledge Hub.

She leads on the Hub’s communication activities, develops and implements the Hub’s strategy with the other Hub members, (co-)facilitates workshops, maintains the CLTS website, and engages in networking and action learning activities.

She has a strong interest in sustainable behaviour change, not just in sanitation but with regard to stories, values and relationships that create the word we currently live in. Petra seeks to introduce more embodied ways of working into facilitation, leadership and the development context, making clearer the linkages between the micro of personal behaviour and the macro, i.e. the work we do ‘out there’ and finding ways to re-connect personal awareness and growth with activism. She is a Movement Medicine Apprentice Teacher and Facilitator and brings the modalities of this movement based practice into her work.

The Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) Hub works in collaboration with practitioners, policymakers, researchers, and others in the development, sanitation and related communities, and in governments, international agencies, civil society, research institutes and other organisations.

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CLTS is an innovative methodology for mobilising communities to completely eliminate open defecation (OD).

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This is the cover to the book, 'Sustainable Sanitation for All'.

Sustainable Sanitation for All

Describing the landscape of sustainability of CLTS and sanitation with reference to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and through examples from Africa and Asia, the book captures a range of experiences and innovations from a broad range of institutions and actors within the WASH sector, and attempts to make recommendations and practical suggestions for policy and practice for practitioners, funders, policymakers and governments. More details

IDS publications on international development research

CLTS in Africa: Trajectories, Challenges and Moving to Scale

This book chapter looks at the progress and maturing of Community-led Total Sanitation (CLTS) in Africa. It introduces innovations and adaptations, poses questions and challenges and suggests possible ways forward as CLTS goes to scale on the continent. More details

IDS publications on international development research

'Lukenya Notes': Taking CLTS to Scale with Quality

This document is a summary of the key recommendations from the IDS meeting of CLTS practitioners held in Lukenya Nairobi in July 2011, immediately after the AfricaSan3 meeting. More details

Thematic Expertise:
Environment; Health; Participatory methodologies; Poverty; Water and Sanitation.

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