Photo of Shilpa Deshpande, IDS

Shilpa Deshpande - PhD Student

For her thesis, Shilpa is studying the governance of a state led child development programme, the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) programme, at the sub-district level in Maharashtra, India. Shilpa has taken a socio-political approach to the study of governance and is seeking to identify and understand the various factors and processes that influence the functioning of the local state.

Prior to joining the DPhil programme, Shilpa was involved in setting up and leading a private sector supported grant making agency in India. She has more than a decade of experience in designing, developing and supporting projects in the areas of maternal and child health and nutrition, health systems strengthening and community participation in India.

Shilpa has a Masters in Social Work and an undergraduate degree in Psychology.

This is the front cover of MAVC research Report Social accountability Initiatives in Health and Nutrition: Lessons from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

Social Accountabilty Initatives in Health and Nutrition: Lessons from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

South Asia is home to nearly a quarter of the world’s population and is a region of dynamic economic growth, yet it performs relatively poorly on health and nutrition indicators. As a potential route towards addressing this poor performance, a range of accountability initiatives has been implemented to improve service delivery in the health and nutrition sectors. More details

Thematic Expertise:
Governance; Health; Nutrition.

Geographic Expertise: