Photo of IDS researcher Syed Shahid Abbas

Syed Shahid Abbas - PhD student

Syed is currently working for his PhD studying public policy responses to zoonotic diseases in India. His previous training includes a medical qualification from Aligarh Muslim University and a post graduate degree in public health from Johns Hopkins University.

He joined IDS after working for six years in Public Health Foundation of India on a range of research, policy advocacy and teaching activities related to infectious diseases and zoonoses. Syed is interested in studying the decision making processes employed by middle-level bureaucrats in using scientific expertise in dynamic social and political environments. Specifically, he is interested in the development and performance of partnerships among bureaucratic organizations across multiple sectors in response to shared problems such as zoonoses and food safety.

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Rethinking One Health

04 Jul 2018
By Syed Shahid Abbas

Thematic Expertise:
Governance; Health; Zoonoses; Social Policy.

Geographic Expertise: