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IDS comment on the UK Foreign Secretary China visit

Published on 29 August 2023

The UK Foreign Secretary visits China today, Wednesday 30 August, for high-level talks with the Chinese government.

In response, Jing Gu, Research Fellow, Institute of Development Studies and Director, IDS China Centre, said:

“This is a critically important trip for the UK Government and an opportunity to build a new type of engagement with China, as well as assess the long-term capacities, expertise, and structures to manage the complex relationship the UK needs with China going forward.

“China’s size and strategic importance mean that the UK must consider China in almost all areas of policy and think beyond trade and investment. China’s overseas activities have become increasingly critical for global development, particularly for development in developing countries, climate change and global health.  Beyond these areas we must also engage with China in relation to food and agriculture, resource extraction, biodiversity and governance of digital technologies.

“We have a much greater chance of advancing all these issues internationally if we can find ways to cooperate effectively, and develop collective responses to shared, global challenges.”


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