Centre for Rising Powers and Global Development

The Centre for Rising Powers and Global Development is at the forefront of research and practical analysis that helps connect governments, donors, civil society, and academia to explore new way to address global development challenges, with a particular focus on the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and other increasingly influential middle-income countries.

The BRICS and other rapidly-changing and increasingly influential middle-income countries, such as Indonesia and Mexico, are now recognised as epicentres of development policy innovation, as well as drivers of global growth.

Policymakers in developing countries and traditional donors alike are seeking to build stronger economic and political ties with these countries and to learn from their rapid development progress, whilst researchers and policy analysts are increasingly seeking to study the economic and geopolitical implications of their rise.

About the Centre for Rising Powers and Global Development (CRPD)

The centre builds on the work of the IDS Rising Powers in International Development programme, and brings together experts from our global network of policy, research, business and civil society partners to produce new thinking and practical policy guidance on effective approaches to engagement and mutual learning. CRPD’s unique offering is a comparative and interdisciplinary focus to its research.

Areas of focus include agriculture,development finance and institutions, energy and sustainability, health and restructuring global governance.

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Changing health and welfare in China and the UK

The project looks at the changing role of state and non-government actors in providing social services in China’s rapidly evolving welfare regime, and aims to promote mutual learning between officials and researchers in China and the UK. Despite historical, social and institutional...


Rising Powers Young Researchers Network (RP-YOUR)

Initially bringing together PhD students and early-career researchers exploring the role of rising powers in international development from across IDS and the University of Sussex, the Rising Powers-Young Researchers Network seeks to expand within Centre for Rising Powers and Global Development...

Recent work

Working Paper

Chinese-Funded Electricity Generation in Sub-Saharan Africa and Implications for Public Debt and Transition to Renewable Energy

IDS Working Paper 557

Drawing on secondary data, combined with deep dive studies of Ethiopia and Uganda, this paper shows that despite significant liberalisation of the power sector in SSA, Chinese investments in the electricity industry continue to follow state-led project contract-based models.

10 November 2021


Development cooperation in the pandemic era – China and the West

Global development is at a turning point. We need to recognise the differences and competition between regions and countries while still promoting development cooperation. Global challenges require global responses and local solutions. In an international environment of increasing tension and...

13 January 2021


New network to boost UK-China collaboration for global development

The Institute of Development Studies together with partners in China and the UK today launch a new network that will help boost collaborative links between researchers in both countries. The China Global Development Knowledge Network will build long-term cooperation on a variety of development...

11 January 2021