Ghana Development Hub

start date
10 June 2020

The Ghana Development Hub, part of the IDS International Initiatives, provides focus in a geography at the leading edge of development thinking and practice due to accelerating environmental, economic, pollical and social change. It recognises that tackling challenges such as climate change, poverty and injustice requires knowledge sharing, mutual learning and collaboration inclusive of diverse perspectives within Ghana and globally.

The Ghana Development Hub creates space where researchers from within and outside of Ghana can share, learn and work with global researchers, governments, civil society and the private sector. By better understanding fast emerging perspectives, the Ghana Development Hub aims to strengthen development thinking and practice, moving beyond OECD country perspectives on Ghana to include multiple, diverse voices that can inform policy decision making and the generation of actionable solutions.

The Ghana Development Hub includes a network of horizontal partnerships with research, learning, teaching and policy work underway. Our anchor partners are the University of Ghana and the University for Development Studies. Its research focus spans pathways to sustainability, climate and environmental justice, migration, water and sanitation, agricultural livelihoods and more. The Ghana Development Hub is part of an evolving global network that includes Brazil, China, Europe, and Pakistan with emerging opportunities for global learning through shared experience.


Ghana has seen a positive trajectory of human development indicators and economic growth in the past two decades, reaching middle income status by 2011. The country is seen as an example of multi-party democracy and press freedom, with a thriving civil society. The region and world look upon the country with interest as the government implements its ‘Beyond Aid’ agenda, alongside deepening cooperation with China, India and South Africa. Regionally, Ghana plays a key role in development cooperation, including as the second largest contributor to the Economic Community of West African States. After a 20 year campaign, Ghana passed the Right to Information law in 2019, an important step towards improving public access to information and accountability. These factors, alongside Ghana’s cultural and linguistic diversity, geographical divides and growing inequality, its relations and similarities with its coastal and Sahelian neighbours, and its influential diaspora, make it a critical and unique country in studies of global development.

Work with us

We are actively looking to develop networks of thought leaders and actors to joint fundraise for collaborations across the following activity areas:

  • Co-authored publications
  • Development Studies curriculum development
  • Engaging our community (including alumni, Visiting Fellows, short course participants, and partners) to develop our hub implementation strategy
  • Fundraising for postgraduate degree scholarships and Visiting Fellowships
  • Knowledge exchanges with other global partners, particularly our Pakistan, China and Ghana hubs
  • Supporting knowledge mobilisation and evidence use in policy
  • Learning events including seminars and conferences
  • Research and engagement, particularly across IDS’ strategic priority areas
  • Teaching and learning collaborations, including short courses, capacity building, guest lectures and webinars.


Imogen Bellwood-Howard

Research Fellow

John Thompson

Research Fellow

Lies Lauwers

Partnerships and Fundraising Officer

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Past Event

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IDS partners with Ghana’s University for Development Studies

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