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International Centre for Tax and Development (ICTD)

The ICTD is an independent research centre focused on improving tax policy and administration in lower-income countries. It is led by Dr Wilson Prichard and supported by UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy, Norad and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The ICTD network at the 2019 annual meeting hosted by the Rwanda Revenue Authority in Kigali. Credit: S. Lenz

The ICTD supports their partners in raising more revenue to fund public services in ways that are equitable, efficient, and strengthen accountability.

In this way, their efforts contribute to advancing sustainable development by reducing inequality, fostering inclusive growth, and enhancing governance.

Key ICTD research themes

ICTD programmes

  • DIGITAX Research Programme
  • Local Govt. Revenue Initiative
  • Ethiopian Tax Research Network
  • Nigerian Tax Research Network

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Recent work


The Alternatives to Universal Tax Registration in Sri Lanka

This note argues that the Sri Lankan government’s recent proposal to implement universal tax registration is neither a viable nor effective strategy to increase the country’s tax revenue. Instead, the note proposes four alternative measures that are more feasible, while still serving the...

Nishan de Mel

9 March 2023


Mandating Digital Tax Tools as a Response to Covid: Evidence from Eswatini

ICTD Research in Brief; 83

To reduce physical contact, Covid-19 forced many tax authorities to embrace digital technologies for filing and payment. Pandemic control aside, e-filing and e-payment hold great promise in facilitating taxpayer compliance, increasing transparency and curbing opportunity for collusion...

Razan Amine

3 March 2023


IDS-hosted ICTD launches new programme on Climate and Environmental Tax

The IDS-based International Centre for Tax and Development is thrilled to launch a new research programme on Climate and Environmental Tax. As the climate emergency worsens, our research aims to provide more evidence on what types of climate and environmental taxes are desirable for...

14 February 2023

Working Paper

The Promise and Limitations of Information Technology for Tax Mobilisation

ICTD Working Paper 135

Tax revenue in many low-income countries is inadequate for funding investments in public goods and human capital. While tax systems have been adopting new technologies to improve tax collection for many years, limitations to in-person interactions due to COVID-19 have further highlighted the...

Oyebola Okunogbe

1 February 2023