Knowledge, Evidence and Learning for Development (K4D)

start date
1 Oct 2016
end date
30 Sep 2021

K4D supports the use of learning and evidence to improve the impact of development policy and programmes. It is funded by UK AID and is designed to assist the Department for International Development (DFID) and other partners to be innovative and responsive to rapidly changing and complex development challenges.

K4D integrates organisational learning processes with the use of evidence from research. It provides:

  • A strategic learning approach which incorporates face-to-face and virtual learning to explore emerging development challenges, tackle common problems or questions, and build individual and team professional expertise
  • A tailored evidence support service through a rapid response research helpdesk and in-depth emerging issues reports, giving quick access to evidence on policy and programme questions
  • Learning journeys that explore complex issues that are often cross-sectorial and interdisciplinary, bringing together development professionals, academics and other experts
  • Innovative learning products using a range of media and approaches to enhance learning and knowledge uptake.

K4D is run by a consortium of seven leading knowledge institutions led by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS).


Jim Woodhill

Honorary Associate

Image of Joanna Howard
Joanna Howard

Research Fellow

Image of Marina Apgar
Marina Apgar

Research Fellow

Image of Paul Knipe
Paul Knipe

Research and Learning Programme Manager




GSDRC provide high quality, timely knowledge products to support international development planning, policymaking and other activities area. This includes a document library, a research helpdesk and email bulletins

Recent work


Leaving No One Behind in a Digital World

K4D Emerging Issues Report 10

In an increasingly digital world, relatively privileged people are able to use their access to mobile and internet technologies to access clear digital dividends including remote access to health and education information, financial inclusion and digital pathways to economic and political...

1 November 2018


Cultural Pactices on Burial and Care for the Sick in South Sudan

K4D Helpdesk Report 437

Literature on cultural practices for burial and care for the sick among individual ethnic groups in South Sudan was very limited. However, it clearly points to the importance of proper burials among all ethnic groups: these typically entail washing the body of the deceased; it can take several...

17 September 2018


Impact of Education Interventions for Working Children

K4D Helpdesk Report 425

Recent global estimates indicate that 152 million children – 64 million girls and 88 million boys – are engaged in child labour across the world (ILO 2017b: 8). According to these same estimates, 71% of child labourers work in the agricultural sector and 69% in unpaid work within their own...

17 September 2018


Privatisation of State Owned Enterprises in Ethiopia since 1991

K4D Helpdesk Report 392

After decades of socialist rule under the Derg regime, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) adopted market reforms including privatisation of state owned enterprises (SoEs) in 1991. This is a historic literature review, which traces the causes, scale, modalities and...

26 July 2018