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Türkiye-Syria earthquake response: relief efforts being hampered by politics

As the death toll rises day by day, the response to this week’s devastating earthquake in Türkiye and Syria is being hindered by politics, according to IDS researchers specialising in the region. “The earthquake has underscored how so-called 'political complexity' and access restraints...

10 February 2023


Podcast: Digital Authoritarianism in the Middle East

Digital deception is the new face of information warfare. Social media has been weaponised by states and commercial entities alike, as bots and trolls proliferate and users are left to navigate an infodemic of fake news and disinformation. In this episode of the IDS Between the Lines podcast,...

31 January 2023


Podcast: Global perspectives on redressing religious inequalities

In this episode of Between the Lines podcast, Michael Woolcock, Lead Social Scientist in the World Bank's Development Research Group, interviews Professor Mariz Tadros, a Research Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies. Mariz is editor of the book: What About Us? Global Perspectives on...

16 December 2022


Sportswashing and the Gulf: investments into British football

On October 7, 2021, thousands of Newcastle United football fans gathered at the entrance of St. James’ Park. Across a sea of black and white Newcastle shirts, several supporters waved green flags bearing the Islamic testimony of faith: “there is no God but God. Muhammad is his prophet.” A...

Ali Reda

18 November 2022


What About Us? Global Perspectives on Redressing Religious Inequalities


How can we make religious equality a reality for those on the margins of society and politics? This book is about the individual and collective struggles of the religiously marginalised to be recognised and their inequalities, religious or otherwise, redressed.

25 October 2022


UN aid to Yemen judged ‘unacceptably poor’ by independent evaluation

An independent evaluation of the UN’s unprecedented humanitarian response in Yemen from 2015 to 2021 says the operation has saved lives, improved food security and reduced malnutrition, but overall it is critical of aid that was of “unacceptably poor quality”. Since war broke out in Yemen...

20 July 2022