Citizen Engagement Programme (CEP)

The Citizen Engagement Programme (CEP) was an empowerment and accountability programme aimed at improving the quality of health and education services through supporting citizens to monitor those services and engaging with service providers to address identified problems; as well as to generate evidence for policy and programme improvement at local and national levels. The programme aimed to provide:

  • Provision of information and citizen’s awareness raising regarding policies, rights and entitlements related to health and education service provision at primary and secondary levels (primary and secondary schools and health centres and rural/ general hospitals);
  • Capacity building of service users to monitor service quality and engage in collaborative efforts with service providers towards a common purpose; and
  • Creation of an enabling environment for service providers to be open to and benefit from citizen engagement in service monitoring; and support to both parties to jointly agree on actions to resolve identified shortcomings in service provision in the health and education sectors.

It also aimed at promoting policy dialogue, ensuring effective links from the local levels (facilities and district) to provincial and national levels through evidence-based advocacy and policy engagement; as well as the study and dissemination of lessons learned and replication of good practices (including methods) identified throughout the implementation of the programme.

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Project Dates:
September 2012 - December 2017
Project Status:
Total project value:
£ 408,464
Irish Aid
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Politics and Power