Evidence and Lessons from Latin America (ELLA)

Evidence and Lessons from Latin America' (ELLA) is a knowledge sharing and learning programme, that seeks to improve knowledge of Latin America's development among African and Asian policymakers, practitioners and researchers - on selected economic, environmental and governance issues. With the higher level goal that these target groups use knowledge from Latin America to inform policies and practice in Africa and Asia.

ELLA is funded by DFID, and has been implemented by a consortium of Southern and Northern based development research and practice organisations, led by Practical Action Consulting (PAC). PAC has partnered with the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) to help build the capabilities of Latin American and African research organisations in collaborative research and evidence synthesis.

ELLA has two main components. First, the identification, collation, synthesis and dissemination of evidence on Latin Americas experiences. Second, learning about Latin America's experiences through Learning Alliances – structured learning programmes connecting people from government, civil society and research, across the global south, both online and offline.

The second phase of the ELLA programme (ELLA2) incorporates the thematic focus of ELLA1, and builds on the work already undertaken. ELLA 2 includes the synthesis of research evidence and collaborative research between 'paired' Latin American and African research organisations to ease knowledge exchange between the two continents.

ELLA2 has three outputs:

  1. Skills developed of researchers in 'paired' Latin American and African research organisations through training and mentoring: improved research methodologies and communication, and management of learning programmes
  2. Paired Latin American and African research centres co-produce (a) rigorous research outputs and (b) research communication and learning materials – on priority issues identified by African decision makers
  3. Decision makers and policy influencers access evidence on Latin America through downloading evidence products and communication materials, online learning communities and face-to-face meetings in Africa and Latin America.

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The Evolution of Collective Land Tenure Regimes in Pastoralist Societies: Lessons from Andean Countries

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Project Dates:
March 2014 - December 2016
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Practical Action
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Economy and Finance