External evaluation of mobile phone technology based nutrition and agriculture advisory services in Africa and South Asia (mNutrition)

mNutrition is a global initiative supported by DFID, organised by GSMA, and implemented by in-country Mobile Network Operators to use mobile technology to raise the health and nutritional status of children and adults in the developing world. Through business and science partnerships, mNutrition aims to build sustainable business models for the delivery of mobile phone technology based advisory services that are effective in improving nutrition outcomes.

The potential to utilise mobile technology to change attitudes, knowledge, behaviors and practices around health and agriculture for improved nutrition status has been recognised for some time, but to date there have been no rigorous evaluations of m-services at scale.

Under DFID’s Global Evaluation Framework Agreement administered by OPM, IDS is part of a consortium of researchers that is conducting a rigorous mixed methods evaluation to estimate the impact of mNutrition in two selected countries (Ghana and Tanzania), with particular attention paid to gender and poverty issues.

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September 2014
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Department for International Development (DfID)
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