India and International Development Cooperation

Trade and investment linkages between India and the African continent have been growing rapidly, and recently, its role providing foreign assistance has become more prominent. The Rising Powers in International Development Programme is looking at the growing role of India in the field of international development cooperation.

An Indian manager (in black jacket) in discussion with Ethiopian farm workers on a farm owned by Indian agribusiness company, Kanturi Global Limited. The company owns farms in Kenya and Ethiopia where they produce crops, especially flowers, for export. The acquisition of large tracts of land in Ethiopia is a prelude to a move into more general agricultural production.Credit: Petterik Wiggers / Panos

India has pursued policies of South-South cooperation since independence, but only recently has its role in providing foreign assistance to low-income countries become prominent. India's economic growth appears to be providing a basis for real technical cooperation, and the potential for a new type of aid policy.

As India launches its new Development Administration Partnership (DPA), the question remains: can a country with widespread internal poverty run an effective development cooperation programme?

Led by a flagship 'State of the Debate' study, which will analyse India's domestic policy debate on international development cooperation, the RPID programme aims to understand India's evolving development role.


Image credit: Petterik Wiggers / Panos

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