Rapid Response

This part of the programme will focus on monitoring emerging issues and crises in real time, whilst strategising about appropriate responses. This project will produce rapid and timely briefings and policy options in relation to topical and emerging issues.

Innovation in the use of ICTs is at the centre of an on-going real-time monitoring revolution. The challenge Rapid Response addresses is how to harness this potential to inform both immediate response and longer-term policy processes relating to health and nutrition, civil violence and service provision.

The aim of the Rapid Response Briefings (RRB) series is to support governments and development agencies in responding quickly to rapidly emerging phenomena and unexpected global events and understanding the impact they may have on development policy, practice and outcomes.

Drawing on the experience and expertise of IDS staff, alumni and partners, RRBs will provide research-informed perspectives, opinions and commentary from around the world on hot topics and crises, and the potential implications of these events for development policy, practice and outcomes.

Convened by Jon Gregson

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What Role Does the European Union Play in International Development?

IDS Rapid Response Briefing 14 (2016)
Maxwell, S.

Can Digital Jobs Solve Africa's Unemployment Crisis?

IDS Rapid Response Briefing 13 (2016)
Ramalingam, B.

Examining the Implications of PrEP as HIV Prevention for Sex Workers

IDS Rapid Response Briefing 12 (2016)
Overs, C. and Hawkins, K.

Tackling Gun Violence in India

IDS Rapid Response Briefing 11 (2015)
Muggah, R. and Gupte, J.

Understanding Insurgent Margins in Kenya, Nigeria and Mali

IDS Rapid Response Briefing 10 (2015)
Lind, J. and Dowd, C.

Understanding The Rising Powers' Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

IDS Rapid Response Briefing 9 (2015)
Constantine, J. and Pontual, M.

Including People with Disabilities in Emergency Relief Efforts

IDS Rapid Response Briefing 8 (2014)
Oosterhoff, P. and Kett, M.

Addressing Sexual Violence in and beyond the 'Warzone'

IDS Rapid Response Briefing 7 (2014)
Oosterhoff, P., Mills, E. and Oosterom, M.

Promoting and Protecting Religious Diversity in the Middle East

IDS Rapid Response Briefing 5 (2013)
Tadros, M.

Churning Waters: Strategic Shifts in the Nile Basin

IDS Rapid Response Briefing 4 (2013)
Seide, W.M. and Lind, J.

What Next for the BRICS Bank?

IDS Rapid Response Briefing 3 (2013)
Watson, N., Younis, M. and Spratt, S

Zoonoses - From Panic to Planning

IDS Rapid Response Briefing 2 (2013)
Grace, D., Holley, C., Jones, K., Leach, M., Marks, N., Scoones, I., Welburn, S. and Wood, J.

After Meles: Implications for Ethiopia's Development

IDS Rapid Response Briefing 1 (2012)
Handino, M., Lind, J. and Mesfin, B.
Project Dates:
March 2013 - March 2016
Project Status:
Department for International Development (DFID)

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