Reflective Practice and Organisational Learning and Change

Reflective practice is about deepening individual and collective self-awareness of how our socially derived knowledge and values shape the quality of our relationships with others and the power relations that underlie these.

IDS has been running participatory workshops and reading weeks with aid agency staff to encourage individual and organisational learning and change, exploring how power shapes aid relations and - unless examined and confronted - blocks the potential for the kind of learning that aid organisations require to respond flexibly and imaginatively to the dynamic political environment in which they are operating.

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Ideas for Development

Chambers, R,

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11 (2004)
Cornwall, A., Pratt, G. and Scott-Villiers, P.

Ideas in Practice. Enquiring into Participation in Sida

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Development and the Learning Organisation

Roper, L, Pettit, J and Eade, D
Project Dates:
February 2000 - February 2010
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Participatory methodologies