Transformative Alliances

There is increasing realisation in government, civil society and business circles that the gloabl economic system is out of balance with the earth's carrying capacity. Continuing on the same path is not sustainable. Yet progress is slow because the debate around how and what to change pitches public against private sector, financial sector against civil society, developed against developing countries, or rising against old powers.

Accelerating green transformation requires a new perspective, recognising that actors supporting - and opposing - change can be found in each of these categories. The task is to identify and forge alliances across these divides.

Our work looks at the role of public-private-civic alliances as drivers of the green transformation, in particular at the role of business in such alignments. We focus on the rising powers because they have a big influence on the cost and speed of green transformations but we will also use this perspective in our work on Green Growth Diagnostics for Africa.

This web page gives access to recent papers and blogs which have discussed the role of transformatice alliances.

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Stephen Spratt, IDS Research Fellow

T: +44 (0)1273 915799


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Who Drives Climate-relevant Policies in the Rising Powers?

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Who Drives Climate-relevant Policy Implementation in China?

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Who Drives Climate-relevant Policies in Brazil?

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What Drives Wind and Solar Energy Investment in India and China?

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Who Shapes Climate Action in India? Insights from the Wind and Solar Energy Sectors

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January 2014 - December 2016
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