Wellbeing of Urban Refugees: Syrians and Hosts in Jordan and Lebanon (WURSHIJL)

The key proposition of this project is that 'modalities of reception' are critical for shaping wellbeing outcomes for refugee and host communities in urban areas of Jordan and Lebanon, in terms of material and relational outcomes, and people's subjective valuation of these.

Such 'modalities' comprise (formal and informal) arrangements, policies, programmes and implementation practices to constitute more or less enabling environments for refugee and host communities. There is currently little comprehensive evidence that tells us how and why modalities of reception shape wellbeing outcomes, and how to improve reception environments and reception modalities.

The project will ensure that such evidence will be at the fingertips of policymakers, local authorities, practitioner organisations and donors, allowing them to offer best possible support for refugees and host communities, and efficiently use scarce resources. This is critical because urban authorities are challenged daily to meet increasing requests of their constituents with scarce resources, while simultaneously supporting Syrian refugees, within highly strained municipal systems with limited capacity.

This project will synthesise evidence for new insights into how donor-supported Security & Rule of Law policies and/or programmes, and security measures can more effectively/sustainably address causes, dynamics and consequences of mixed migration flows.

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Emma studies MA Development Studies at IDS. She is particularly interested in engaging anthropology for wellbeing and social justice in crisis-affected settings

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Wellbeing and Protracted Urban Displacement: Refugees and Hosts in Jordan and Lebanon

te Lintelo, D.J.H., Lakshman, R., Mansour, W., Soye, E., Ficcarelli, T. and Woodward, W.

Improving the Wellbeing of Syrian Refugees in Urban Jordan

IDS Policy Briefing 152 (2018)
Brett, S. and te Lintelo, D.

Urban Refugees in Lebanon: Housing, Residency, and Wellbeing

IDS Policy Briefing 151 (2018)
Ford, H. and te Lintelo, D.J.H.

Partner organisations

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Partner researchers

Dr Wissam Mansour
Prof Charles Watters
Project Dates:
April 2017 - May 2018
Project Status:
Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)
Save the Children (STC)