A Demonstration Project: How Active Data Can be Shaped and Provide Strong Evidence-Based Programming

Data on its own is not enough. Cutting edge research methods often generate powerful insight for stakeholders in the moment but then the data is lost. In the meantime often data is captured for specific purposes and could be misrepresented and harmful to participants if it were to be shared in other contexts.

The amount of data available to programmes is constantly increasing, but with it there are still challenges related to data management, interpretation, sharing and ethics. In an attempt to make better use of what is available, IDS is leading on a pilot programme which examines sets of participatory and systemic data  with a view to increase understanding of how data is collected, analysed and shared in development programming.


Key contacts

Kelly Shephard

Head of Knowledge, Impact and Policy

+44 (0)1273 915795

Project details

start date
1 May 2017
end date
30 April 2018


In partnership with
The Omidyar Group
Supported by
The Omidyar Group


Recent work


Where are the data ethicists?

With increasing time pressures and a need to validate assumptions, there is growing concern that sound data ethics are seen as a luxury but as a recent discussion at IDS concluded, good data ethics are essential if research is to have meaningful impact.

24 November 2017