A Mobile Training Platform for Urban Policing in India and Nepal

As India and Nepal enter an urban era, their city police forces are not adequately trained to cope with the challenges of policing rapidly urbanising populations. Research shows that training methods are not dynamic, are infrequent after initial recruitment, and have not been updated in line with new urban realities. 

Serving and retired police personnel of varying ranks and in various cities, when interviewed for recently conducted studies indicated that while urban-specific training is lagging far behind international standards, solutions needs to be low cost, scalable with large outreach, innovative and easily updateable.

Led by Jaideep Gupte, this project will develop an innovative low-cost mobile-based visual training system that:

  • Is designed to complement existing training modules;
  • Provides urban police personnel with a platform to access short training and informational videos via multi-media messages on their mobile phone; 
  • Enables effective evaluation and monitoring.

The platform will consist of a database of instructional and informational videos on a variety of themes, from which police personnel can request a video, or a video can be ‘pushed’ onto the mobile phones of particular target groups of personnel (selected by rank or jurisdiction, or at a particular time, for example). The videos will be sent in multi-media message (MMS) format, but will also be made available in high-definition for use in the respective training academies.

The platform will make use of the existing phones of police personnel, and as such, will also allow for easy monitoring and evaluation. IDS will run a six month pilot in three cities (Kathmandu, Nepal, and Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram, India).

Project details

start date
7 July 2014
end date
15 July 2015


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