Adaptation screening tools for development cooperation: Piloting ORCHID and other approaches

Development agencies and their partners are increasingly aware of the need to integrate disaster risk reduction and climate change issues within their activities. IDS is involved in a range initiatives to develop, test, discuss and disseminate tools for screening and assessment of climate and disaster risk.

This has included leading a team of international researchers piloting an innovative methodology (ORCHID: Opportunities and Risks from Climate Change and Disasters) for climate risk screening of development interventions in Bangladesh and India. This work was built on through work with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to pilot a screening methodology for water sector programmes.

These pilots have taken a risk management approach to identify high-impact, practical, and cost-effective measures and processes to integrate disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation into mainstream development activities.

Recent work


Screening Climate Risks to Development Cooperation


In a changing climate development programmes must manage climate risks and opportunities to ensure aid effectiveness. IDS and its partners are developing a climate risk screening and management approach to meet this challenge.

1 November 2007