AfricaAdapt is an independent bilingual network focused on Africa and primarily led by African organisations. The Network facilitates the flow of climate change adaptation knowledge for sustainable livelihoods between researchers, policy makers, civil society organisations and communities who are vulnerable to climate variability and change across the continent.

What does AfricaAdapt do?

We use the latest web-based applications and face-to-face interactions for sharing resources, facilitating learning and strengthening the African adaptation community to:

  • respond to existing gaps and demands in Africa with knowledge platforms and services
  • support and strengthen capacity in Africa to improve the sharing of adaptation experiences and lessons learned between researchers, vulnerable groups and policy makers
  • fund regional and local knowledge sharing events in Africa
  • develop links and working partnerships to expand the impact of existing networks and institutions

What does AfricaAdapt offer?

AfricaAdapt offers a wide range of services and activities tailored to researchers, policy makers, civil society organisations and communities at risk. These include:

  • an interactive online platform where all registered members can profile their work, participate in discussions, and access free resources (
  • policy briefings
  • newsletters and information
  • a database of expertise
  • summaries of research
  • a multimedia repository
  • an innovation fund
  • radio programmes
  • face-to-face forums

Get involved

AfricaAdapt is open to any individual or organisation working on climate change adaptation in Africa that is interested in sharing their knowledge and experience. Contact us at [email protected]

Recent work